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Открытые вакансии с вознаграждением

Emerging Travel Group (ETG) is a travel-tech company that owns four brands: RateHawk, ZenHotels, Ostrovok.ru and B2B.Ostrovok.
We are seeking a Marketing analyst for our team who would enjoy deep diving into the operations of a large system, with several brands, a huge volume of information, and challenging but very interesting tasks.
Your responsibilities:

  • communicate actively with the marketing team and help them to take effective decisions on the basis of data;
  • analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (both performance marketing and brand activity);
  • develop attribution models, analyze marketing channel chains and interaction of the channels between each other (in both B2C and B2B);
  • develop and monitor key metrics for channels attracting and retaining users;
  • create new analytical tools (dashboards, models, Tableau analysis tools) from the data collection stage to presentation and user training;
  • work in close cooperation with the development team on collecting data and checking its quality;
  • mentor and develop junior analysts; if you discover that people management is for you then you can grow into a marketing analysis team lead, and we will help you achieve that.
    We expect that you:
  • have professional experience in a similar position of at least 2 years;
  • know Google Analytics and or Yandex.Metrika on an expert level;
  • have data analysis experience using Python tools (preferably) or Rtools;
  • have excellent knowledge of Excel and good knowledge of SQL;
  • have the ability to think critically as a habit, and you can prove all your arguments using numbers;
  • know the basic principles of marketing;
  • know how to establish effective communications with members of other teams.
  • the ability to work with business intelligence applications such as Tableau;
  • professional experience with mobile analytical systems App Metrica/Amplitude/Mixpanel.
    What we offer:
  1. 100% official salary.
  2. A comfortable office in the center of Moscow with a free gym, relaxation areas, unlimited tea/coffee and meals.
  3. Hybrid work format: remotely, in the office or combined.
  4. A flexible timetable — we don’t require you to be online or in the office at 09:00 sharp. You can start work at a time that suits you.
  5. Interesting and ambitious tasks that will take you to the next professional level.
  6. Learning: seminars, trainings and conferences. If you want to participate in a conference,we will help to organize it.
  7. Private health insurance.
  8. Team-building activities: movie nights, quizzes, thematic parties, annual trips to the countryside, football and volleyball matches.
  9. Corporate discounts on hotels and other services.
  10. A young and active team of super specialists.
    Why you will enjoy working for us:
    We have unlimited opportunities! During our 11 years of hard work we have saved terabytes of data that we constantly analyze and transform into useful knowledge and recommendations on how to improve our product, marketing, and service.
    The department has four subdivisions, each of which is responsible for its own pool of responsibilities: from building a machine learning model to pricing of our product. We have rich expertise — many routine things have already been automated and a data-driven approach reigns.
    We cooperate with absolutely all departments. We only care about the result, and not about how many hours you spend in the office. Therefore you may work from home or from the office, or choose a hybrid format.
    We are obsessed with our work — we hold open demo meetings for all company staff, where we showcase the results of our efforts, as well as internal meetings where we exchange interesting approaches to solving tasks and our expertise. We love to share our expertise with other departments and we hold SQL trainings for other employees. The analytics team is serious, but also very friendly — on Fridays we play board games and regularly hold “analytical breakfasts”.
    There are no rules or restrictions in our department, and nothing is taboo: learn, grow, experiment, invent new ways of achieving the targets — try it! We will always help and support you.
Emerging Travel Group
Emerging Travel Group

Marketing Analyst


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